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Basement Water Leaks

Residential - Commercial - Construction Sites
Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts

Wet Basements: A wet basement damages floors, walls or valuables. Few basement drain problems are more more frustrating than dealing with basements or cellars leaking. Finding leak sources and fixing these problems is our specialty. Contact Us to stop damage, solve problems permanently with Basement Waterproofing, in RI, SE Mass, Eastern CT or New England Regions. Basement Water Leak Solutions are Fully Warrantied and Insured.

Basement Water Leak Sources: Three typical leak sources exist in cellar - basement leaks:

-Water runs down Foundation Walls
(Exterior Surface Leaks)

- Foundation Wall Cracks

- Drains back up via floor drains

What Now? G and D Concrete Repair has extensive expertise to troubleshoot basement leaks, then help determine your best course of action to eliminate wet cellars or basements permanently. If you're unsure or overwhelmed already, Contact Us today for a free estimate (HINT - We must find the leak source to give an accurate estimate.)

What Can You Do?

1. Do an exterior wall check for surface water next to foundation walls. Water overflowing your rain gutters often runs down house foundations, eroding soil or leaking into basements. Here are some things to look for:

  • Overflowing rain gutters, blocked with leaves or debris.
  • Not enough gutter downspouts on the house, water overflowing from too much volume.
  • Water down spouts discharging right next to house walls, not extended far enough away.
  • Ground around houses should slope away from foundation walls.

2. No obvious surface water leaks mean that sources are groundwater under hydrostatic pressure. If external ground water level is above basement floor level, basements act like a boat in a lake, where moisture will force its way in through any crack or weak point. Groundwater hydrostatic pressure forces seepage in, even with a hairline crack.

  • Symptoms are weeping cracks or leaks in multiple locations.

3. Older houses in town or basements without sump pumps are likely connected to municipal sewer - storm systems. Basements below street level can have stormwater pushed up through drains under hydrostatic pressure.

  • Underground springs (artesian wells) are another source of subsurface groundwater.

Regardless of its source, best solutions are designed to reduce hydrostatic pressure with better drainage and to repair any foundation wall cracks. Perimeter drain systems or grate drains relieve pressure, directing waterflow away from basement or cellar areas. Groundwater is drained via gravity to a sump pump pit then discharged externally.

A grate drain, perimeter above-slab drainage system installed at exterior foundation wall junctions on top of floor slabs double as base material for walls with drains to a sump pump.

Another type of drainage system is a below slab perimeter drainage system. Below slab systems require partial removal of concrete floor slab materials with installation of drainage pipe making it more expensive than perimeter grate drains.

Basement Waterproofing Service Areas

Home - Residential, Commercial and Contractor Water Proofing of Basements, Cellars or Sub-Floor Drainage, Foundation Crack Repair Services in Rhode Island (RI), Southeast Massachusetts (SE MASS), Eastern Connecticut (CT), Southern New Hampshire (NH) or Southern New England.

Residential Services

Basement Water Leaks, Drains, Sump Pump Installation, along with:

- Foundations - Poured Concrete Walls Crack Repair
- Wall - Floor Intersection Repairs
- Sewer - Water Piping
- Bulk Head Doors
- New Walls to Old Wall intersection for Construction Addition
- Tie Rods

Commercial Services

Contractor, Business - Commercial Service Support includes above Home - Residential Services, in addition to:

- Elevator Shaft Work
- Tower Service
- Tunnel Drainage (Utility, Pathway, etc.)
- Storage Tanks
- Sewer & Man Holes

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